1/2 day canyoning

Half day canyoning

The 1/2 day canyoning is a good way to experience canyoning . You can start with really easy canyons, they are shorter and less exhausting. You can of course come with all the family, it’s even recommanded !

toboggan langevin


Langevin is a very easy canyon suitable for everyone. It’s mostly aquatic, but there is 2 big ziplines. It starts just in front of the famous Langevin waterfall. It’s the perfect canyon for friends and familiy.

55 €

toboggan bras rouge cimeo nature

Bras Rouge

If you are looking for a canyon that provides abseils, jumps and waterslide, Bras Rouge is for you ! You will be amazed by the mineral landscape, shapes of yellow and red during the descent. Bras Rouge is a very complet canyon. It’s one of the most beautiful that we have !