Full day canyoning

Full day canyoning

There is different kind of canyoning we offer here in the Reunion Island. To see all the possibilities please go the main page

Trou Blanc

You are looking for a first canyon ? You are not very confident with abseiling ? You just want to have fun with friends ? Trou Blanc is just waiting for you ! This is one of the 3 most famous canyon of the island. Only 3 little abseiling part. Trou Blanc is very aquatic, with awesome water-slide, with one even named “The Whirpool“… Not as scary as it sound ! One of the funniest canyon here ! Canyoning at his best !

75 €


Grand Galet

Here, you are going to abseil the notorious Grand galet fall ! 85 meters roping down  and a 50 meters zip line ! Awesome ! The second part of the canyon, is the canyon Langevin. It’s very aquatic, and it’s composed by jumps and water slides. We finish the canyon with a high class water slide where you don’t see where you’re going !

Fleur Jaune

For sure, the most famous canyon of the Réunion Island. Pure verticality ! Fleur Jaune is made up of 7 waterfall, from 10 to 55 meters ! Fleur jaune is best known for his verticality and his view on Cilaos.


Ti Cap

This is the canyon to practice during the wet season. When it rained, and the other canyons have too much water, it’s the perfect time to go to Ti Cap. It’s mix water slide and abseiling (25 meters) in a tropical landscape. With a beautiful 30 meters zip line ! 


Bras Rouge

If you are looking for an aquatic canyon which has some beautiful waterfall to abseil, Bras Rouge is for you ! The water-slide just keep on coming, surrounding with a red mineral landscape. It’s the ferruginous flow that gave name to the canyon. Bras Rouge offer a complete canyoning.

80 €