Ti Cap

TiCap 75€

More than 5 pers : 70€

More than 10 pers : 65€

Ti cap is a funny canyon, in the wet season in the Réunion Island. You can’t go to Ti Cap out of this season. You can go there, but there won’t be any water ! Nevertheless, after a heavy rain, there is a chance that for fews days, the canyon will be open. Contact us to know more.

This canyon is located in the Sud Sauvage, near Langevin. Is upstream of the Grand Galet water fall, on the river Langevin. We start the day with a 45 min walk in to reach the canyon with a 25 meters abseil. Then we will encounter jumpswaterslides (one is quite big). There is a big 40 meters zip line ! Complete canyoning. Check the footage ! This canyon can be practice in family starting at 14 years old.

We accept credit card

You can pay your canyon at the end.

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  • Aquatic
  • Vertical
  • Jump
  • Water slides
  • Hike in and out

You need


a sandwich


some cereal bars


good shoes


Spare clothes


a plastic water bottle


good shoes

min hike in

min out

hours of canyoning

years old min

Information for booking

– Name 

– phone number

– sizes and weight of the participants

– which canyon

– your availability

We will contact your the way you prefer to be contacted to finalize the booking

Booking and informations

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