Canyoning in the Reunion island

3 types of canyons

toboggan langevin

1/2 day

We offer canyons canyoning that last 2h30 to 3h. This way you can experience the feeling of doing canyoning in the Reunion island. Every age and every level !

To practice the activity with your children, CiméO Nature brings you to a selection of easy canyon. With these you’ll experience various jumps, waterslide and ziplines ! Everybody can have fun here but if you want more intense canyons, you better check the full day ones.

mega toboggan trou blanc

Full day

The full day canyons are the classical ones. of the Reunion island. It’s the best way to discover canyoning in the Reunion Island. Each canyon has his particularities : very vertical for Fleur Jaune, very aquatic for Trou Blanc, in between for Bras Rouge… Despite their differences each one will blow your mind ! The landscape are very different and it’s up to you to choose your favorite !

cascade takamaka mini trou de fer

Ultimate canyoning

This canyons are the most difficult, but also the most beautiful canyons of the island. If you want to try the ultimate canyons you need to be prepared. This canyons are longer (sometimes more thant 7 hours straight and a hike out of 2h30). Everything has a price ! Theses canyons can provides really big abseil (150m), sometimes a big aquatic part. Some of them like Takamaka are famous worldwide. At this time we offer you 2 ultimate canyons:  Takamaka et Fleur jaune intégral.

The best of CiméO Nature

All the canyons available


55 €

Trou Blanc

75 €

Bras Rouge Médian

60 €

Fleur Jaune Intégral

100 €

Fleur Jaune

70 €

Bras Rouge

80 €


140 €

Ti Cap

75 €

Grand Galet

85 €

The canyoning in the Reunion Island

With it’s rocky geography, and so many rivers, the Reunion island has become a worldwide reference for canyoning. More than a hundreds canyon are available on this small island !

CiméO Nature offers you to do Canyoning on the Reunion island, in the best possible conditions. Your guide is an experienced and skilled professional, the gear (wet suits and neoprene socks) are cleaned after each canyons

Most of the canyons we offer are suitable for everyone. But we also offer you canyoning for the most experience people, who really wants to taste what is Canyoning in the Reunion !

To practice Canyoning in the Reunion in complete safety, we need gear. We provides a harness, a helmet, a 5mm wet suit, neoprene socks and a rucksack.

There is canyoning for every taste.  Trou Blanc canyon for example (Cirque de Salazie), is the funniest canyon of the island. Fleur jaune canyon, is one of the most beautifull with it’s 55 m abseil !

You guide will offer you the pictures of your trip for free.

Don’t hesitate anymore and come join us for this exciting adventure that is Canyoning in the Reunion island !